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Lumia Tips: Battery Drainage

Many features in your Nokia Lumia phone increase the demand on battery power and reduce the battery life time. To save battery power, note the following:

  • When you have finished with an application or a game to navigate away, please use the Back key as this will close the app rather than leaving it active in the background.
  • Set the screen switch off after 30 seconds. On the start screen, Continue reading

How to turn Skype off on Lumia 920?

When you resume or start Skype, it will remain signed in to your Skype account. Skype for Windows Phone8 also allows you to switch the active Skype account, for example from your business account to your private account or your “offline” account.

You can’t turn Skype Continue reading

Nokia lumia 920: Windows Phone8 and Skype

VoIP call Integration on Lumia 920 / Windows Phone8 with Skype audio/video/chat service makes placing free and low cost international calls a pleasant experience for those looking to connect with far-flung loved ones or business contacts. And also saving those precious limited minutes Continue reading

Nokia Symbian^3 and Symbian S60 SIP Settings for VoIP calls

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My interest on VoIP and mVoIP started when I thought it might be useful to let my family and friends contact me low-cost thru a traditional communication method, landline or mobile phone, while I’m overseas. Some proprietary applications such as Skype or Fring, that have nothing to do with a SIP client for the phone that operates native on the phone, allow voice communication between two computers or Smartphone whilst the application is running. What if other party does not have access to a computer nor to any proprietary systems, but has access to a traditional phone. Either mobile or landline?

The solution at my end was VoIP! Better to say mVoIP.

Mobile VoIP or mVoIP refers to using your mobiles (instead of other devices like computer, proprietary applications, etc.) to make or receive VoIP calls. All that is required to use VoIP is a native SIP…

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