Nokia Symbian^3 and Symbian S60 SIP Settings for VoIP calls



My interest on VoIP and mVoIP started when I thought it might be useful to let my family and friends contact me low-cost thru a traditional communication method, landline or mobile phone, while I’m overseas. Some proprietary applications such as Skype or Fring, that have nothing to do with a SIP client for the phone that operates native on the phone, allow voice communication between two computers or Smartphone whilst the application is running. What if other party does not have access to a computer nor to any proprietary systems, but has access to a traditional phone. Either mobile or landline?

The solution at my end was VoIP! Better to say mVoIP.

Mobile VoIP or mVoIP refers to using your mobiles (instead of other devices like computer, proprietary applications, etc.) to make or receive VoIP calls. All that is required to use VoIP is a native SIP client on the phone to convert analogue voice to digital and a network to carry the voice loaded data packets.

Lack of phones with data capability, low availability of providers offering fast networks made it difficult in the past to use mVoIP. However, with the latest advancements in technology, these are not a hindrance anymore. Nokia Symbian Smartphone (E-series or N-series), sold today, are sophisticated enough to be able to use VoIP. Further, the availability of high-speed networks (Wi-Fi, 3G) has made the use of mVoIP completely feasible.

Remark – However you have to install the “advanced VOIP settings” client app on your latest NOKIA Symbian S60 or Symbian^3 before you can setup/ make SIP/VoIP calls! Follow instructions below.

Why mVoip?

The primary motivation to use mVoIP is to free ourselves from the computer (and other bulky devices like Tablet PCs) and access VoIP using the omnipresent mobile Smartphone. You could obviously do that using local access numbers, but calling local access numbers is usually not free (depending on the carrier). Moreover, local access numbers are not available in all the countries. Further, if you have already paid for the data plan, it makes sense to make the maximum use of it. Finally (and probably most importantly), if you are on roaming then using mVoIP thru Wi-Fi is probably the most cost-effective way to make calls as dialing local access number can be prohibitively expensive.

What is Nokia VoIP SIP Client

The Nokia S60 phones offer truly working VOIP/mobile convergence. Just like the free computer to computer calls we’ve all become so familiar with, mobile VoIP SIP client promises free mobile calls to contacts using the same mobile VoIP provider. Nokia VoIP SIP client enables you to make and receive phone calls to/from anyone else in the world from your mobile phone at a low-cost. Nokia VoIP phones works wherever you have access to the internet via Wi-Fi or over 3G (on 3G the cost depends on your mobile operator plan).
Nokia has long been a leader in Mobile VoIP technology. Even if media comments that Nokia has to fix its user interface to fit the market, Nokia is an absolute winner in technology. When you have Nokia SIP phone you have taken a big step forward in giving yourself the best that Internet telephony technology has to offer.

Whether you have a Nokia SIP phone that is pre-loaded with VoIP software or a model that requires a simple software download, you will be on your way to enjoying crystal clear communications for a fraction of the cost.

To use a VoIP system, we’ll need three things:

  • A high-speed internet connection,
  • a VoIP service plan, and
  • phone equipment.

Today we walk through the 3rd requisite, phone equipment. More precisely mobile phone equipment, Nokia Symbian^3 and Symbian S60 devices and how to make them work things out with some VoIP service plans.

Can you relate to any of these thoughts:

  • I have a VoIP enabled Smartphone and would like to lower my phone bills.
  • I would like to get rid of the ridiculous landline charges without losing my home or small business number.
  • I make expensive long-distance or international calls and would like to cut those costs.
  • I run a small business and phone bills make significant part of my overhead.
  • I like the convenience of taking my number with me as I travel anywhere in the world not having surprises on my phone bill due to roaming fees, both voice and 3G data, when coming home.
  • I live outside my home country but I need a local home country number for my business / being in contact with friends and relatives.

Now you have an answer for the aforesaid thoughts through the vast array of features that Nokia Symbian^3 and Symbian S60 devices’ Mobile VoIP or simply mVoIP has to offer. The mVoIP allows the mobile technology to be used in a myriad of ways. One advantage mVoIP telephony has over traditional phone service is its ability to travel with you, at low-cost. By this, we mean that with mVoIP you can travel…..

 Click link for the complete guide – Nokia Symbian^3 and Symbian S60 SIP Settings for VoIP calls


Different firmware versions, devices, VoIP service plan and/or 3G providers may cause/need different setting details!

Good VoIP’ng!


100 thoughts on “Nokia Symbian^3 and Symbian S60 SIP Settings for VoIP calls

  1. kiitoksia, sain voipin toimimaan ensimmäistä kertaa :)vuosi sitten yritin ja saunalahti syytti nokiaa ja nokia saunalahtea, kun ei toiminut (nokia 5630 music expres), mutta nyt toimii!!!

  2. Hi Vesa, thank you for this very complete guide!
    First, my setup is a nokia e72 with 3 Italy phone operator and Euteliavoip as my VOIP provider.
    Just wanted to tell something weird about the STUN config and Eutelia.
    Adding the stun server makes my outgoing calls drop after less 30 seconds.
    My workaround is to put as the stun server (blanking the field didn’t work), but that is causing issues with incoming calls, as I expected.
    This thing is driving me nuts, any suggestion?

  3. Dear Vesa Koret,

    your detailed HOWTO about the “Nokia Symbian^3 and Symbian S60 SIP Settings for VoIP calls” is very good and useful!
    Thank you for it!
    We would like to ask you for your permission to translate it in Bulgarian and publish it on our Web site in the Nokia VoIP HOWTOs.
    The site is: – we will link the translation with the original here.

    Best regards,

    • Thank you for your request for permission to translate ‘Nokia Symbian^3 and Symbian S60 SIP Settings for VoIP calls’ into Bulgarian language. The permission is granted, however your translation signifies your acceptance of all terms and conditions of license ‘Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial’.
      Good VoIP’ng

  4. Dear Vesa,
    Thank you for this very detailed description of SIP/VOIP settings. I have NOT found anything else on the web like yours.
    My Nokia C6 works now fine via WLAN with my Terrasip VOIP account.
    Via Fring/Nimbuzz trough GSM also.

    With the SIP client over the GSM network, I do get an error message:
    “terrasip net connection does not support calls”. As I said, via GSM Fring/Nimbuz it works and WLAN is perfect.
    Maybe you could give me some advice.

    Greeting Henry

  5. Dear Vesa,
    Thanks for detailed step by step guidance to set up SIP profile. I followed it and I was able to connect it straight away.

    Now, I am able to receive calls via VOIP but I can hear voice in but the other party cant hear me. Any solution for this? Has it to do with STUN server?


    • Hello,
      this might be a solution:

      Problem of silence
      Description: If someone calls you on your sip account, he/she can hear you, but you cannot here the other one. If this happens, it might help to set this:
      Solution: NAT firewalls settings -> Domain parameters -> or whatever -> Used NAT protocol -> set it to “nokia.stun” if empty.

      Best regards

  6. Hello, this is a very helpful page. I have a new C6.00, and have used the instructions to set up wifi voip on it. Unfortunately I keep getting the message emergency calls only when I try to connect to my voip provider in offline mode. Would any one knkow why this is?
    thanks very much

  7. Hi,

    I’ve try as instructions above to setup my c5-00, everything looks fine, just like my c7( I used it as my office voip extension for 2 month). Only when i can see the sip service registered(c5),but can not find the correspond tab in my contacts book.

    Without the tab, i can not sure if the service is really on or off…

    Can any one give me some hint?


    scott sun

  8. Hei vesa.Nimen mukaan ymmärtäisin ,että olet suomalainen joten kysyn suomeksi kun toi englanti ei oikein luonnistu.Eli voitko laittaa ihan suomenkielellä miten ton wlan haun saa pois ku asensin voip:in puhelimeen ja toimii hyvin mutta vaikka kirjautuu ulos niin aina se aukaisee wlanin ja vaikka wlaninin katkaisee niin se hakee sen wlanin takaisin samantien.En siis muuten ole saanut wlania pois päältä kuin poistamalla koko voipin puhelimesta.Puhelimeni on nokia N8.Kiitoksia jos viitsit vastata.

    • Moikka vaan, mina olen jakanut mun wlan ja 3g eri profileiksi. Eli esimerkiksi, saunalahti wlan on nimella saunaW ja sauna 3G nimella sauna3g. Sitten olen antanut prioriteetit minun verkon mukaan, eli olen asettanut koti wlan ykkoseksi, ja 3g sen alapuolelle. tama toimii e72/C6 hyvin! tosin muista etta ela aseta sun wlan profiilia “oletukseksi” . silloin se hakee sen aina. minlla ei ole oletusta, vaan valitsen kaikkimanuaalisti.
      E72: VoIP-palvelu pysyy aktiivisena, kunnes palvelu on kytketty pois päältä. Voit poistaa (rekisteröinti) palvelu
      “Kontaktit” / “vasen nuoli” / “selaa nuoli” VoIP-palvelun alavalikko (jossa nimi on määritelty oman VoIP-palvelun, esimerkiksi Provider) / “Options” / “pois käytöstä palvelua”, laite deregisters alkaen SIP-palvelin ja yhteys on julkaistu.
      E72: tapa lopettaa SIP on “WLAN-haku” app kotinäytöllä.
      Valitse tämä sovellus ja on komennot “Enable” ja “Poista” SIP (s).
      C6-00: “Osoitekirja” / “Globe Icon” / “Options” / “pois käytöstä palvelu”

      toivottavasti tama auttaa.

  9. Hello again, re not being able to make a voip call in offline mode, I am connected to my home wifi, I can use internet offline, no problem there, and I have set up my voice service provider’s wlan sip profile. It is available in contacts, but when I try to use it in offline mode I get the “emergency call only” message.The service works in general mode only.
    TIA for any solution.

  10. Excellent tutorial, really helpful! Many thanks.

    Question: any idea why I cannot make calls over my Wi-Fi, BUT everything works just fine over 3G? I have followed your instructions and everything seemed to have been setup correctly. I’m using a Nokia N8 and in order to have better control, as suggested, I set the “access point in use” as my WiFi and left the “default destination” as none. When I try placing a call, it registers and connects to Rynga services without problems but while the screen looks as if I’m having an active call going on, nothing happens – no ringing, no messages…just nothing at all. I have also rearranged the codecs as per your suggested list.
    I tried different numbers – none is going through, when on WiFi, while every attempt is successful over 3G.
    As a mention, I have no problems whatsoever connecting to my WiFi for any other tasks.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated – this really drives me nuts 😦


  11. I have an E71X (ATT): its SIP configuration registered with through WiFi. I created a SIP contact. Do I need to install another app to initate a SIP to SIP call? Thank you.

    • The integrated VoIP/SIP client of unlocked E71 is not on AT&T’s E71x.
      Seems that you have to install the “advanced VOIP settings” client app on your e71x before you can setup/ make SIP/VoIP calls! Let us know if it enables sip/VoIP settings and Internet calls on your phone.
      The integrated VoIP/SIP client on the Nokia Symbian phones is one of the most amazing developments in telephony in the last years.

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  13. hi there,
    thank you very much for your guide.
    I spent days trying to configure my e72 with G3 till i found your guide.

  14. hi
    thanks very much for your blog. am in south africa and your steps helped me somuch. the problem i am facing now is that i chenged my handset from an E71 to an N8. everythng works execpt when i try to make a call it does nothing but the dailling page will be on. i can recieve calls and i must say the quality is so much beter with the N8. thank again for you guide.

  15. how to setup nokia n8 to make a video call over a sip call works on both 3G or wifi.just video its not enable.need help!thank you!

    • At the moment Nokia SIP client supports video calls only on Internet Tablet OS 2008 (N810). On other handsets you need a 3rd party application for Video VoIP’ng, such as Fring.
      I wish Nokia would do an update before they ditch Symbian.

  16. Thanks for detail valuable information. I have Nokia E72 and as per your instruction i have downloded the suggested file (SIP VOIP setting) but unfortunately when i started installation from PC Suite or directly from mobile I received below messages.

    1: Install InternetAdvSettings?

    2: Detail about program

    3: Application not compatiable with Phone. Continue anyway?

    I just continued the installation but do not find any change any mobile. I mean required items are still missing or hidden in mobile

    • Hi,
      either update your firmware or install a different version of the application. Stay on 3_1 or 3_x versions. However remember to delete any other versions which you may have in phone before you install any version of this app!
      Good VoIP’ng

  17. Hello,
    I’d like to thank you very much for your instructions. Works fine.
    I have two little remarks (I use E7-00):

    Problem of silence
    Description: If someone calls you on your sip account, he/she can hear you, but you cannot here the other one. If this happens, it might help to set this:
    Solution: NAT firewalls settings -> Domain parameters -> or whatever -> Used NAT protocol -> set it to “nokia.stun” if empty.

    Problem of codec
    The codecs – iLBC and G729 do not work with me. If someone calls me at the local telephone no I got from he/she will not get a connection to me, if the codec is not set to AMR-WB

    Best regards


  18. Hi, Alreday i have latest firmware on my Nokia E72. I will highly apprecaite kindly send me via email the possible supported files for SIP VOIP setting for Nokia E72. My email is

    Please help me in setting for SIP VOIP on my mobile Nokia E72.


  19. Hi, Alreday i have latest firmware on my Nokia E72. I do not know why i am trying to install SIP VOIP file on my mobile i am receiving error message “Application Not Supported” I will highly apprecaite kindly send me via email the possible supported files for SIP VOIP setting for Nokia E72. My email is

    Please help me in setting for SIP VOIP on my mobile Nokia E72.


  20. Hi
    Thanks for the Tutorial. In My Nokia E5 All steps did. Now I can make internet calls but I facing one problem if i need to make a call there is no sound. please help me. Also please suggest me which Codec is using for Voipdiscount

  21. Hi:
    have been reading your ” How To ” with great interest. Too bad Nokia is not as thorough with their instructions on how to do things.

    Recently purchased a nokia E5 and have just finished wringing the bugs out of my VPN setup and would like to tackle Voip next. Sounds like a novel solution to massive roaming charges while traveling.

    Question : You say to uninstall the SIP that came installed with the phone before installing the Nokia Voip 3.1. There is no option in the menu of my phone to

    do this. I have FExplorer app installed but can’t find the native SIP file in order to uninstall it. Could you point me in the right direction or can I install the new

    Voip 3.1 and will it just replace the other SIP version ?

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Bill, “factory” fresh E5 phones do not include additional VoIP settings in addition to the basic settings. Nothing to delete. VoIP additional settings can be done, “SIP VoIP Settings” in the application, which can be downloaded from Forum Nokia, use links in the text.
      Make sure that you download the correct setup program. Telephone used by the VoIP software version you’ll see the following page:
      Then just follow instructions.
      Good VoIP’ng

  22. Dear All ,

    First of thanks providing wonderfull info…

    I did everything above mentioned steps but i can nt make a calls while am caling its silent cant make calls .

    please help me on dis issue thank you

    • Dear Shk,
      first of all does your 3g provider allow VoIP calls, if you have actives 3g communication?
      Second Is your phone connected to an available Wi-Fi Spot, if you are using a Wi-Fi onnection?

      Happy Voip’ng

  23. Dear Sir,

    I sucessfully activated the nokia sip service on mobile E72, sir its not the probs of 3g connection , its codec prirorty i have given wrong then fixed it according to your detailed information given above .i just followed info and i did it but over all its took me 10 days but when i got ur web i did it in 4 hrs . thanks a lot for complete information your realy amazing sir.the way you explained very nice,

    thank you very much .

    guys u can edit username and password easily . when you want use new sip card,

    Thank you




  24. thanks for ur full guide. I use E5-00. I have successfully installed nokia sip voip setting 3.1 and setup sip settings. It said registered. But i can’t make internet call. If i attempt its prompting that “internet telephone service is not available” i cant find the adv voip setting in the net settings menu. Ctrl panel-> connectivity->net settings->download. If i press download it shows only chat to download. I cant see the adv voip setting option in any menu.

  25. This instruction is very long and complicated. Still I couldn’t find advice how get the settings working on after the phone says that it is registered.

    Finally, after long time wasted, I found this bit:

    “Just a tip for new viewers trying to configure E7 VoIP:

    Menu>Settings>Connectivity>Admin. Settings>SIP settings (configure your SIP profile Nettipuhelin)

    AND THEN MOVE TO: Menu>Settings>Connectivity>Admin. Settings>Net settings>Advanced VoIP settings (select: create new service) then select your SIP profile Nettpuhelin .

    N.B: this configuration guide has been implemented over E7-00 running Symbian Anna OS”

  26. Arvostan suuresti asianutntijoita jotka käyttävät aikaansa meidän muiden auttamiseen. Laitevalmistajille ja/tai palveluntarjoajillehan tämä ohjeistus kuuluisi.

    En rohkene kirjoitella ohjeita sillä oma osaamiseni tällä alalla on varsin ohutta ja tietotekniset tutkintoni Kekkosen ajalta. Voisi kuitenkin olla hyvä jos asiaa paremmin tuntevat määrittäisivät set-up:ille prosessin jossa homma jaetaan vaiheisiin (esim. yleinen kuvaus => operaattoriin liittyvät asiat => parametrit => päätelaitekohtaiset set-upit) ja lukija voi sitten löytää vain hänen omaan tilanteeseensa tarvittavat tiedot – esim. operaattori X:n palvelu laite Y:lle. Tämä helpottaisi ohjeiden käyttöä.

    • Hi Mikko,
      toivottavasti ohjeista on apua. Seuraa ohjeita tarkasti. Ala ota oikoteita!
      Sain PERUSTELE /NETTIPUHELIN.FI numeron toimimaan minun E72’ssa, puhelut lahtevat ja tulevat. Tosin seuraan tilannetta viela, koska kokemus on opettanut siihen. Joten seuraa paivityksia nailla sivustoilla.
      Oikeassa ole laitevalmistajien ja palveluntarjoajien suhteen! Mutta markinat ovat niin nopeat ja laajat etta usemmiten heidan resursit eivat ehdi mukaan teknologian/markinoiden kehittyessa/parantuessa. Jospa edes tietavat naista asioista niin paljon kuin loppukayttajat. Toisaalta mina taidan olla “extreme user” VoIP ja tietoliikenne kaytossa.
      Toisaalta kun saat yhteytesi toimimaan, pane talle sivustolle ohjeet muillekkin tarvitsijoille.

      Good VoIP’ng

  27. Interesting… I tried to set the same VoIP up on my wife’s Nokia E6 with Anna OS, but I can’t see the “Advanced VoIP settings” (select: create new service) at all. The “Nettipuhelin” shows that it is “Registered”. I have re-booted the E6 and my own E7 is powered off. I wonder what might cause this?

    How does the system behave when there are more than one device with same UserID and other setups active at the same time?

    • Hi Mikko,
      1) the answer to your question “How does the system behave when there are more than one device with same UserID and other setups active at the same time?” This depends on your provider
      – It’s a lottery, which ever device takes the call disabling others
      – no one gets a change to call since the system blocks out all

      2)I can’t see the “Advanced VoIP settings”
      – you have to download the application from the nokia site – see my guide! or
      – use the “Nokia Configuration Tool” in your PC. Download it from Nokia site –

  28. Hi Vesa
    In profile setting for 3G , I have AWCDMA and UAWMAC set to on. It works fine with Pennytel. Which other settings should be on when you set profile for WLAN – UATT or RTCP? Could you please write more how those parameters affect connections? Also, you recommend iLBC for Pennytel. They do not support this codec only G729 and G711.

  29. Hi
    I am using nokia E66, the problems is that when I call using Voip client software( such as voipdiscount) the call gets through but I am not able to hear the other phone ringing(which does ring) and even when the other person receives the call neither me nor him can hear a word.
    I tried through different clients but same problem.
    Is there any solution!!
    And yes am using it over oman

  30. hi guys

    been using my Nokia N8 sip for the past three months now. must say its the best. thanks for the info. all you need is to have the right settings and the correct codec configured. the codec really makes a difference.

  31. I have Nokia E7-00, its can connect via WiFi, but can’t connect when I used 3G and I have Nokia N900 its can used via 3G very well. Do you have and idea to solve the problem.
    (I think the problem causes from mobile not network.)

  32. Hello ,
    I’m using a E7-00 with pennytel and having trouble sending DTMF.
    IVRs are not responding to my key presses. The problem effects Voip and PSTN IVRs.
    I get no response from pennytels IVR dailing 777 and the PSTN IVR was to Ambulance Vic. I also don’t hear tones when I call my home number via pennytel and then attempt to send DTMF by pressing the number keys.


  33. Hi vesa,
    In my nokia C6-01 the updated belle os installed and i tried to configure the SIP settings (provider: Voip discount) as per the detailed guide above.i could not able to connect to make calls.

    please help

    • I had the same problem while testing Nokia Belle and it took a week to get the solution, so I’m happy to share my experience now, there is a solution…
      You can download a little app (SIP_VoIP_3_1_Settings_Symbian_3_v1_0_en.sis, see my other blog for the download) from Nokia developer site, which enables hidden configuration and let you access to manual configuration of Internet telephony profile… same as it used to happen with older Nokia devices.
      After installing the app you can create a default Internet telephony profile associated to the SIP profile created before. After doing this, when you enter the contact list or oper the dialer, you can find a new menu option to call via Internet. Not easy, but it works! Before you do anything re-initiate your phone and reload everything anew as instructed!

  34. Amazing! THANK YOU! After days of agony this one line did the trick!
    For ex., the 3.1 version is for Symbian (Symbian OS v9.4 (S60 5th ed.)) touch screen mobile devices and does not work with E-72 (S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 (S60 3.2.3)). With non-touch screen use is SIP VoIP 3.x Settings (164KB), this works also with E5. (Some conflict on above chart, but it’s a real life experience. Who’s right, who’s wrong? No one knows!)

  35. This is by far the best SIP guide for Nokia. SIP is now working on My Nokia E6-00. I noticed one thing. I named my SIP profile “MySIP” and now I have an active entry in my phonebook named MySIP. The default “Internet Telephone” phonebook entry is not active even when SIP is registered. Why? What profile name would make “Internet Telephone” entry active.

  36. hai.sir.sorry 4bad english.i am using stuntcalls accound i am set all of seting in sip seting.i am online when i am finish sip seting.i have nokia n8 phone.but when i am online i try to call sip call i am not hearing any sound andthe cal is not ringing and no disconecting whats problem of this

  37. In the E7 the option of the default call (GSM or VoIP) is not present in the call menu. Is there any other way to do it?

  38. Hi Vesa,

    I bought Nokia e7 and configured sip service according this guidlines however when I’m trying connect I get message: Unable to connect to … due to incomplete settings. Contact service provider.
    I had no problem with these configuration on nokia e52 that works fine. I tried also export sip service config from e52 and import into e7 … import was successful but trying connect still get the same message: Unable to connect ….

    Checking logs from my router I could see that registration on sip server is successful (I could see request register and next Status 200 OK). Do you have any ideas why finally I’m disconnected with above message?


  39. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all folks you actually recognise what you’re speaking about! Bookmarked. Kindly additionally talk over with my site =). We can have a hyperlink alternate agreement between us

  40. May I simply say what a comfort to find an individual who actually knows what they are talking about on the web. You actually know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people should check this out and understand this side of your story. I was surprised that you aren’t more popular since you definitely have the gift.

  41. Thanks for this complete tutorial. It helped me to make SIP over 3G calls by setting the “AWCDMA” on ; tricky.

    I (still) have a Nokia N97 mini – can’t find a good alternative – and started to look at other VoIP settings. Interested by SIP presence, instant messaging and MWI, I’ve been able to broadcast and to see presence using two contacts, one from (without XCAP, AFAIK), the other from or (I don’t recall, but both with XCAP), but can’t reproduce it.

    Regarding instant messaging, messages sent to the N97 are not received, at least displayed, but interestingly there’s an option in the SMS compose window to switch its type to “instant messaging” but it’s not possible to send such a message to a SIP URI.

    And regarding MWI, it seems Nokia implementation is buggy, no one seems to get them displayed.

    If you’re still into S60 VoIP, a tutorial regarding presence and XDM would be great.


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  43. Hi there,
    I have E7 and newest Symbian Belle Refresh with additional VoIP settings installed.
    Outgoing calls are working fine, but incoming calls are not working on E7 while working on any othe devise in this subnetwork.
    Have installed all from scratches several times and filled all settings with no luck on incoming calls so far.

    Any idea?

  44. Additional info to my prevoius post. No problem with incoming call on other application installed (Eurotelefon), but I’s like to use Nokia native app because it can work with my phone book.

  45. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well
    written article. I will make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your
    useful info. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely return.

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