Nokia lumia 920: Windows Phone8 and Skype

VoIP call Integration on Lumia 920 / Windows Phone8 with Skype audio/video/chat service makes placing free and low cost international calls a pleasant experience for those looking to connect with far-flung loved ones or business contacts. And also saving those precious limited minutes on national calls on your plan. Of course it’s advised to have unlimited or a lot of Gb’s data plan.

You may start a chat, audio/video call with your Skype contacts right from contacts list, People Hub. Naturally also thru the Skype application, if you prefer.

You will be kept up with new messages as they come through with Live Tiles, calls show up as any other calls on your phone.

When you resume or start Skype, it will remain signed in to your Skype account. Skype for Windows Phone8 also allows you to switch the active Skype account, for example from your business account to your private account or your “offline” account.

You can’t turn Skype off once you sign in for the first time and supposedly there is no need to because it is so well integrated into the os that it does not use up additional power by being left on. I have mine installed for a while now and have not noticed any effect on battery life so they must be right.

When I need to be offline or “switch off” the Skype, I’ll activate my “offline” account.

Then you have also an easy and convenient Skype Video Messaging.

Windows Phone8 users can record and share a personal video message, addressed to the chosen recipient. This allow you to capture and share a fleeting moment even when your friends or colleagues are not available.

Once your contact has received a video message from you, they can reply back with a video right away.

With a Skype Number(s) (previously known as an Online Number), people can call you from mobiles or landlines and you can pick up the call with your device. It’s perfect if you have friends, family or colleagues who don’t use Skype. Anyone can dial your Skype Number from any mobile or landline and you simply pick up the call on Skype. You may have multiple Skype numbers; different land codes and area codes.

Happy VoIP’ng


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