VoIP calls with windows phone

Installed OctroTalk on my Lumia 920 for my SIP needs. OctroTalk, an integrated instant messaging application (google), VoIP call, SIP call, video chat / conference, live video streaming and P2P file transfer application. It is available for Apple (iPad, iPhone, OS X), Nokia Smartphones (Symbian OS), Android phone, Android tablet, Window phone and Windows desktop, seems to be a powerhouse application.

Here is the setting for messagenet

Username= URI of your Messagenet
Password= password of your URI
Proxy= sip.messagenet.it : 5061
Realm= sip.messagenet.it
From-user= URI of your Messagenet
From-domain= sip.messagenet.it
Register-proxy= sip.messagenet.it : 5061
Expire-second= 3660
Register= true
Register-transport= udp
Retry_seconds= 30
contact-params: tport=tcp
ping: 15

Put your Lumia in VoIP and SIP use!

Good voip’ng



One thought on “VoIP calls with windows phone

  1. Really amazing. VoIP systems enable business owners to connect multiple devices to their account. Imagine if, instead of running to the front of the store every time the phone rings or they’re paged over the intercom, each associate could answer calls from anywhere in the store. I have a call center and i use call center voip to make calls from my dialer. I have 80 agents dialing and the sound is always clear.


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