Expatriating in a New Land

The wise words of Sergio Marchionne (CEO of Fiat) about working and living in a new land.

“It’s never easy to start all over again, in a strange land and a foreign language, learn to manage some moments of solitude. I had to get used to change house, habits and friends.

It is not easy to leave the certainty of your world for the usual uncertainties of a new world. Cesare Pavese’s words express this very well:

“Travelling is a brutality. Obliged to trust strangers and to lose sight of the familiar comfort of home and friends. You feel constantly off-balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky. All things tend towards the eternal or what we imagine it.”

But it is precisely for this reason that traveling, changing environment and learn about other cultures is a magnificent way to grow – and do it fast.

Contact with an unknown world is something that changes you deeply because it forces you to rely on your strengths and overcome your limitations.

After University, when I started working, I was forced repeatedly to change cities and countries. This was sustained passages, because it was like to start all over again.

When you are living or working in a country that is not yours, you must learn to manage something more than the others.

I refer to the mistrust that you sometimes feel, that locals find to foreigners.

And I am also referring to the mood that you feel yourself, connected to the fact that you have roots in the society, and instead have doubts and fears in facing a new world. “

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