Your Personal Wi-Fi Bubble thru Nokia Phone

Someday, they’ll build wireless Internet allover. Someday, we won’t have to stroll around town looking for a coffee shop when we need a Wi-Fi connection.

If you want omnipresent Internet, personal Wi-Fi Bubble today, there is a simple answer. Nokia phone, flat data plan and JoikuSpot application. JoikuSpot turns your phone to a Wi-Fi router, to a Mi-Fi device Hotspot and secures the connection.

There are essentially 2 solutions: the JoikuSpot Free and the JoikuSpot Premium.

JoikuSpot Free with no secure connection! Says it all!

Premium Edition comes with all internet protocols, i.e., encryption. You can also secure your connection with Premium and use VPN to get access to secured corporate intrawebs. Premium supports email protocols so you can use email clients like Outlook and Gmail. All settings (like WiFi network naming and default access point) are adjustable in Premium. There is no forced default landing page in Premium Edition. Premium auto-reconnects to 3G if the connection is dropped to e.g. 2G temporarily.

Nokia phone with JoikuSpot creates a personal Wi-Fi Bubble, a portable, powerful, password-protected wireless Hotspot that, because it is your pocket-sized phone, It will go with you everywhere. The personal Wi-Fi Bubble gets its Internet signal from a 3G/HSDPA cell phone network and converts it into a Wi-Fi signal that you can share with other devices.

Why this?

  1. You own Net Book,  you would rather surf web on the go on it.
  2. Checking email on the bus/commuting. You have a laptop and would like to pass time by checking the internet for cool stuff. You want something that can connect without the hassle of bring too much devices with you
  3. You have a iPad device that is big on multimedia usage and screen size but it doesn’t have a 3G connection BUT it has WiFi!

What’s the draw back?

  1. Software like these normally are very intense on the battery life of the device. you are essentially broadcasting Wi-Fi and 3G at once. your battery life can’t last long. This is not a long-term solution. It is only a solution for at most few hours.
  2. Do watch your data usage as it might burst your phone bill!

You can just leave the Nokia phone in your pocket, your laptop bag or your purse to pump out a fresh Internet signal to all within few meters. You’re instantly online whenever you fire up your laptop, net book, Wi-Fi camera, iPad, or iPod Touch.

However get an unlimited data plan.


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