What is mVoIp?

Mobile VoIP (mVoIP, mobile Voice over IP) is despite everything a technology that is acquiring popularity, however still has much room for growth. One of the barriers to hold back the growth is a lack of understanding among the consumer sector as to what mVoIP is and what it can do for communications.

In the most basic sense, mVoIP is a communication technology platform that people use to send and receive phone calls with the Internet (SIP,  Session Initiation Protocol) connection on a mobile device. And save money!

Since summer of 2006 we have been able to use a VoIP client in Nokia E-series dual-mode Wi-Fi handsets (Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E70). The SIP stack and client have since been introduced in many more E and N-series dual-mode Wi-Fi/3G handsets. Just like the free computer to computer calls we’ve all become so familiar with, mobile VoIP promises free mobile calls to contacts using the same mobile VoIP provider. No bulky computer nor iPad. No Skype nor some other specific application limiting you to talk within your tribe.

This varies from standard cellular service as the call is not being placed through the voice network. Instead, the call is being transmitted over the network of a third party mVoIP service provider.

A mVoIP call is placed on a mobile device and that transmission takes place over an available network so that it does not use the available and costly “minutes” on a cell plan. At the same time, the user is not charged any carrier long distance fees. In some cases, the mobile VoIP provider may apply an applicable charge.

The ability to make calls without using minutes or incurring long distance charges is truly one of the biggest benefits to mVoIP. The charges associated with this communication channel tend to be much lower than the cost associated with the standard use of the cellular phone or other mobile calling device.

mVoIP services can be used anywhere the you can locate a WiFi or a 3G data connection. There are several companies that currently offer mobile VoIP service, each with their own value proposition in the market.

The challenge for the mobile operator industry is to convey the benefits and innovations of IP without losing control of the network service. We users like the Internet to be free and high speed without extra charges for visiting specific sites. Such a service challenges the most valuable service in the telecommunications industry – voice – and threatens to change the nature of the global communications industry. And helps us save our money!

In other words mVoIP is a Real-Time Internet Voice Messaging.


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