E72 repaired

Got my E72 back from the Nokia Care Center. The 22 agonizing days! Left the phone for repair since the power jack was broken. The pin in the power jack had disappeared.
All commenced well, left the phone in the morning and it was promised back within two days. Of course I had done a full backup before.
Same evening I got a call from the Nokia Care Center. The power jack had been replaced, however the phone does not work anymore. They have to send my phone to the repair center somewhere in or out of the country! I will get it back within 10 days! Was said!
Days passed. I tried to contact the Care Center by phone. No answer. Bought a few cheap Samsungs to cover the lacuna.
I sent a few emails asking about the status of my device. No reply.
Then noon of the 22nd day I received an SMS. My device was ready to be collected. Plus an advertisement to preorder the new E7.
I had bought my E72 “sim-free”. Now I got my E72 back loaded with a firmware of a local service provider! Not mine! Luckily my sim from a different provider worked. But I had to do the packet-data configuration, by hand.
After this initial hassle I was able to restore all, almost, sis files and contacts from my memory card.
Email accounts were restored thru “nokia messaging” login. Whoosh… all my mailboxes were ready for mobile use.
Restored my “advanced VoIP Settings” of my various VoIP numbers. With export feature of the “Advanced VoIP Settings” it was a piece of cake! Voilà! I’m voip’ng again! emailing again.
Samsungs went back into boxes. Waiting for the next need.
Now I have to find out how to reload the paid applications which I have purchased thru OVI. Not paying again, I mean. That’s going to be an other story. I presume.
The teaching of the story! Backup everything. By yourself.
The Care Center even tried to charge me a ridiculous amount just to save my contacts.
Know your device. And its configurations.
Since the software in the device itself allows you to backup and to restore it quite easily.
Thank you to Nokia R&D for their initial work.
Nokia Care Centers, please look after your customers, Nokia customers, not only Nokia devices.
Ps. The new SW is RM-530 with some new graphics and a much faster contacts handling (my database contains some 3000+ contacts, each w/ multiple phone/numeric details).


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