NOKIA SIP/VoIP Troubleshooting: WLAN association fails

wordpress stats Today we walk through troubleshooting Nokia S60 VoIP if the WLAN association fails.

How do we know if the WLAN has associated? The WLAN icon on the standby display with or without ciphering protection shows on the screen if the WLAN has associated. Verify your device’s user guide where the icon resides on the display.

If you encounter problems when associating with the WLAN, check the following:

1. Is there a WLAN network available?

You need the WLAN to make and receive VoIP calls. The WLAN wizard helps you to connect to a WLAN and manage your WLAN connections. The WLAN wizard shows the status of your WLAN connections in the active standby mode. To access the WLAN wizard application, select

Menu -> Tools -> Connections -> WLAN wiz..

To search for available WLANs,

select Options and Refresh.

For more information on the WLAN wizard, see ‘Connections, Wireless LAN’ in the Nokia device’s user guide.

You can also use the Connection manager to check the WLAN connection available within range, with the timer running.

Select Control Panel -> Settings -> Connection -> Wireless LAN > Show WLAN availability and related parameters for Scan for networks and Internet connectivity test.

The details in the Active data connections show if/when there is data transfer in both directions. The expected data amount is a few kB for the VoIP login phase.

To create an Internet Access Point (IAP) in a network,

select Conn. mana… > Available WLAN networks > Options > Create internet access…

2. Can you connect to the WLAN network?

Try to open, for example, in the Web browser using the same WLAN IAP profile that you have or is used with the VoIP client. First check out the WLAN icon’s existence, then you select an access point. You can also connect to a WLAN IAP by

Search for a WLAN“-> “Select a WLAN network” -> Enter the pre-shared key for the WLAN if required.

If you still are unable to associate with the WLAN, if possible, try it near the base station (a few metres in a open view) to separate the possible configuration errors from the too high interference level resulting from, for example, other WLAN cells on the same channel or active Bluetooth devices.

If the association still fails, you can also disable the WLAN protection temporarily to make sure it is the reason.

Is MAC filtering used in the WLAN access point? The WLAN MAC address is displayed when entering *#62209526# (*#MAC WLAN#) on the standby display.

If you still have problems with the WLAN association or if you have no IAP profile, you may need to configure one yourself to access the network. Configure the IAP on the settings

Menu -> Settings -> Connection -> Network destinations

and select the correct ciphering mode (WEP/WPA- PSK/WPA/WPA2). Note that in the WEP ASCII and WPA-PSK mode the lower/upper case letters are significant.

When using ASCII format WEP key, WLAN access point vendors may have specific ways to expand the key – try using the maximum length or hexadecimal format.  Once you have configured the IAP (see related blog), retry connecting to the WLAN network with the Web browser.

Next time we’ll talk about troubleshooting IAP issues, meanwhile if you request  more information on the IAP, see ‘Settings, Connection settings’ in the Nokia device’s user guide.

NOTE: The menu contents or the location of applications and folders may vary according to the device.


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