It’s a matter of time

wordpress stats I have always been interested in time. Having had an occupation in which the time, coming period, has of great importance.
The proportionality of the passage of time is interesting. While the second hand runs the same speed day after day, sometimes the same scale period of time fell short or long.
Time downright taunts with us: moments that are extraordinarily tedious wear out slow. While waiting for the doctor’s visit in the hospital, it feels like the hands run counter-clockwise. Moments, which are enjoyed, smooth in a blink of an eye. Good books always run out, the ice cream melts instantly, sumptuous travel ends too short.
Time will also establish in business. In business the right time of action is important. In this sense, all businesspeople are time workers, whose main aim is to find the right time slot in space. In practice, dragging up into a meeting is not a major achievement. However it requires being at the right time in that meeting for a bang-go performance.
The timing in business also reflects concepts of a pioneer and a latecomer. Neither of these are unperturbed, since both act at the very extremes ends of the time axis. The pioneer faces constantly opposition bringing to market new products with the importance, which consumers still do not understand. The latecomer is suffering from a lack of innovation, an operator who will always be the last to the preset the product on market and replicating others. Both style companies’ approach to the time depends on strategic decisions. The timing and time are the key factors.
Leisureliness may be due to the fact that the leisured person is effective.
Since time is a scarce resource, you might think that the most respected and admired people are those who have most of their own time. That is not so.
Therefore lack of time, the urgency, is a kind of the currency, which can be compared to the citizens’ position in the society.
The busy man is an important man. He is busy because his skills are needed in many areas.
Leisured man, ease, does not suffer from the lack of time, since his skills are not in need. If the CEO of a company would reveal in the general meeting that he enjoys the leisureliness his work offers, investors believe the company’s activities would collapse.
Inefficiencies are the creator of hurry.
Although the urgency combines easily with importance and efficiency, this is not always true. Busy people can also be a singularly ineffective. Hence the constant hurry.
An acquaintance told about a subordinate who never got anything through, even though he did overtime in such a pace that he was frequently requesting time off as overtime compensation.
Leisureliness again may be due to the fact that this person is an unusually effective and gets his work completed faster than his colleague.
Alternatively, he could choose leisureliness as a lifestyle – in other words jumped off the rat race. Underscoring the importance of continuing urgency raises slow- alliance offsets, the emphasis of leisureliness. That’s the business in contradiction of ideology of fast food chains. In accordance with the slow- alliance is the idea of eating slowly, travelling leisurely and work unhurriedly.
Could leisureliness sometime be described as an effective and desirable way of business in the society? Could leisureliness get investors excited about it to loosen their purse strings?
Questions should not be answered “absolutely not”. Time is famous for the fact that it brings with it surprises, furthermore time is what prevents everything from happening at once.

It’s a matter of time!


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